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When it comes to Elite running in Middle Tennessee, the first name that comes to mind is Hendersonville's own Scott Wietecha.

The seven-time Rock n' Roll St Jude (Country Music) Marathon defending champion is not only well known for his accolades on the elite running circuit but for his contributions to the running community in Middle Tennessee.

It is an honor for those of us involved in the sport here in Hendersonville, to proudly introduce "The Wietecha Cup" created specifically to honor our friend and mentor to many.

By registering for the Hendersonville Race Series, AND running:

The Memorial Day Classic 15K, May 31, 2021 

The Hendersonville Half Marathon, September 18, 2021

The Indian Lake Loop 5 Mile, November 25, 2021, and

The YMCA Frostbite 10K, January 1, 2022 will have the chance to win "The Wietecha Cup".

Run each of the above-mentioned races, your time will accumulate. A runner with the best time in each division will win.  

A cup will be awarded to each of the winners (1st place only) in the following divisions, both male and female:

* Overall

* Masters (40-49)

* Grand Masters (50-59)

* Senior Grand Masters (60+)

Additionally, each runner that finishes all four races will receive the Hendersonville Race Series Hoodie and Tee Shirt, provided of course, they have registered for the Race Series.

Disclaimer: Registration to the Hendersonville Race Series does NOT register you to any of the races. You must register for each race separately, for each race is independently run and operated.

To register for the Hendersonville Race Series, click HERE

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