Relay By The Lake 2021

Last year (2020) a couple of us runners put our thinking caps on. We wanted to provide a fun, yet challenging event for our local running community. All of us were going stir-crazy and were sorely missing our in-person races.

Because we had been teammates in a local (Tennessee) relay event, our minds got to work.

We thought it would be fun to create a team of 10, perhaps two teams. We would create a distance of more or less 200 miles and divvy it up amongst the 10 runners in sets of three legs per runner. The Legs would range between 4ish and 8ish miles. Each runner's accumulated total would be between 13 and 20ish miles.

We wanted to keep it simple. Recruit our friends, assign the legs, and go run. We estimated that perhaps we could fill two, maybe three teams.

We filled seven. That's a total of 70 runners, with very little warning and very simple planning.

We ran our miles where we happened to be. We would pass the baton virtually. We would communicate via text, or WhatsUp to let our team know that we had started and finished our leg.

Some teams had a member in Wyoming, another team had a member in Wisconsin, yet another team had two members vacationing in Florida.  That's the beauty of a virtual relay. It doesn't matter where you are, you can participate.

An anonymous donor contributed tee shirts for all participants. These were handed out upon completion of the team's miles, by the team captain.

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